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SXM Gyrocopter

Who are we ?

Based on Grand-Case aerodrome in the French part, SXM Gyrocopter offers discovery flights in a gyrocopter over the magnificent island of Sint Maarten ! Our team of enthusiasts will make you discover new horizons and new sensations with our gyrocopter.


0 km/h
Minimum Speed
0 CV
Rotax engine
autogire sxm gyrocopter
0 km/h
Maximum speed
0 H

Our aircraft

The Gyrocopter

Halfway between the plane and the helicopter, the gyrocopteris an astonishing device. The gyrocopter can fly slowly, which makes it perfect to contemplate the breathtaking landscapes of Sint Maarten and discovering new sensations.

The M-16 Tandem is arguably the most versatile and safest gyroplane on the market . Its simplicity of piloting, its flying qualities and its reliability make it the ideal machine for flying in complete safety!

SXM Gyrocopter

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