General conditions :

  • General conditions:
  • Be over 15 years old
  • Satisfy a theoretical examination (free of charge) in the form of a MCQ organised periodically by the aeronautical district
  • Satisfy a multi-axis theoretical knowledge test organized by your instructor
  • Obtain an authorization to fly alone on board issued by your instructor
  • Obtain a flight authorization with passengers on board after control and training
  • Obtain a restricted radio telephony certificate.

    Documents :

    1 identity document
    3 passport photos
    original of the certificate of competence for the theoretical test


  • Flight initiation and safety procedures (about 15 hours dual training with your instructor).
  • When you instructor will estimate that you have enough experience to fly by yourself, you will be asked to do one traffic circuit pattern, alone in the aircraft (moment you will never forget).
  • After only a few more flying hours, you will normally qualify for “solo flights authorization” and your training will continue.
  • Then, your instructor will teach you how to navigate. It will be then a real pleasure experiencing cross-country flying until you finally obtain your pilot license. Only at this moment, you will be allowed to carry a passenger with you.

Training is charged 180 € an hour including instructor.

The training generally takes place in sessions including a theoretical course, a pre-flight briefing, a flight of about 30 minutes and then a debriefing.
You will be guided by your instructor in your individual work to prepare for your theoretical exam.